Stereo Miscroscope 20X/40X

£ 113.95 each

Stand: Metal stand, column firmly connected with base, pinion knobs attached on both sides of the stand for coarse and fine focusingObject plate: Base with detachable object plate (plastic, black/white and glass) 95 mm ? and 2 specimen clipsTube: Binocular inclined 45?, stereo head rotation 360?, interocular distance adjustable between 55 and 75 mm, diopter compensation ?5 mm Lenses: Lens 2x with slide and quick-change deviceEyepieces: Exchangeable wide field eyepiece WF 10x with eyepiece lockEnlargement: 20x/40xIllumination: Reflected, transmitted and mixed-light illuminator 12 V/10 W, toggle switch to turn ON, rotary switch to select light combination, power supply 230 V, 2 fuses F 0.16Dimensions: 190 x 300 x115 mmWeight: 2.9 kgSupplied: Complete with dust cover