Femoral Fracture and Hip Osteoarthritis

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This model was developed to provide patients understandable information, e.g. before surgery. It shows the right hip joint of an elderly person in half natural size. In addition, a frontal section through the femoral neck is shown in relief on the base. The model shows the femoral fractures that occur most commonly in practice as well as typical wear and tear symptoms of the hip joint (coxarthrosis or hip osteoarthritis). The following fractures are shown:Medial femoral neck fractureLateral femoral neck fractureFracture through the trochanteric region (pertrochanteric femoral fracture)Fracture below the trochanters (subtrochanteric femoral fracture)Femoral shaft fractureFemoral head fractureFracture of the greater trochanterFracture or avulsion of the lesser trochanter (avulsion fracture of the lesser trochanter) Mounted on base.