Primal Pictures - Interactive Foot and Ankle

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The exceptional 3D anatomical model on this disc is built from a full MR data set of a cadaveric distal lower limb. It can be viewed layer by layer, bone to skin, including such features as attachment points, bony regions and dermatomes. Every visible structure can be clicked on to reveal detailed anatomical and clinical text, comprehensive enough for those in training and detailed enough for experts. Also included are over 100 slides including foot and ankle pathologies (MR, X-Rays, slides) and fully labeled dissection pictures. Video clips of a moving dissection demonstrate the actions of all the major muscles, and footage of clinical muscle and ligament testing adds a powerful additional resource.Radiology Section:Looks within the joint itself and correlates MR slices with the equivalent slice through the 3D model. Pathology slides are included as well as orthopedic radiology text written by the renowned David W. Stoller.ISBN 1-90247-034-6System Requirements:PC: Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XPPentium-compatible processor (133MHz or faster)Minimum of 32MB of RAM Mac: Mac OS 8.1 or later, 9.x, OSX 10.1 (runs in classic)PowerPC 604 processor (200 MHz or faster)Minimum of 64MB of RAM