Cricotracheotomy Trainer

£ 657.95 each

FOR ADVANCED TRAUMA LIFE SUPPORT COURSESAn innovative non biological trainer is the Cricotracheotomy Trainer that simulates the laryngeal body tissue. Use of a simple disposable trachea transforms the trainer into a very effective low cost system.Up to 18 Tracheostomies or 36 Cricothyroidostomies can be performed on a single componentPalpable anatomical presence is achieved with comparatively easy identification of the cricothyroid cartilage and the thyroid cartilageResponsive incision makingEffective alternative to use of animal tissueSupported in a strong and immoveable baseStrong sucker feet secure the trainer during useNeeds no preparation and no refrigerationNo messy disposal after use No unpleasant odours Replacement Parts: Trauma Kit 2 Tracheas and 4 sheets of skin Cricotracheotomy Tracheal Rings Cricotracheotomy Neck Muscle