Airway Management Trainer

W19532 L
£ 1,377.25 each

Realistic practice is the key to developing proficiency in airway management skills. The Airway Management Trainer's lifelike upper torso and head simulates real world complications when practising a variety of intubation, ventilation and suction techniques. Realistic anatomical features allow demonstration of Sellick Manoeuvre and laryngospasm Practical training in clearing an obstructed airway and suctioning of liquid foreign matter Provides visual inspection of lung expansion and auscultation of breath sounds Simulates stomach inflation and vomiting situation Airway Demonstration Model is standard with each trainer Can be used with Trachlight products Improved airway allows insertion of Laryngeal Mask Airway and Combi-tubeIncludes: Manikin on Sturdy Board, Airway Demonstration Model, Cleaning Kit, Lubricant, Carry Case, and Directions for use. Replacement Parts & Options:Airway Demonstration ModelConcentrated Simulated Vomit (Options) Airway Lubricant (Options)