CPR Baby Anne, 4-Pack, Dark Skin

£ 300.95 each

The Baby Anne manikin meets your need for a low-cost, lifelike infant CPR trainer. It is the perfect supplement to the Resusci Baby manikin.Lightweight Affordable price for increased hands-on classroom practiceRealistic chest compression and riseInexpensive and easy-to-maintain airway system (one airway per student)Unique foreign body airway obstruction featureHead tilt/chin lift is required to open the airwayFour Pack includes 4 Manikins, Soft Pack, 24 Airways, 40 Foreign Body Practice Objects, Directions for Use CPR Baby Anne, 4-Pack. Replacement Parts & Options:Baby Anne Faces, Dark Skin (pkg. 6)Airways (pkg. 24) Foreign Objects Face connection for lung (50 pieces) (Options)