Catheterisation Trainers for Clinical Skills Male Uretheral and Suprapubic Catheterisation Trainer

W19351 L
£ 953.25 each

These fantastic catheterisation trainers have been developed to practice catherterisation on an very realistic constructed model. The whole system is modular which means that female and male parts can be removed and added. It does not loose liquid after the training. ? Floppy and soft to touch? Palpation of the pubic symphasis is clearly identified? Inserting a suprapubic catheter is quite straight forward and drainage can follow? The bladder will hold up to 1.5 pints or 800 ml of liquid and the tummy is palpably soft to touch? Full instructions and an accessory kit with lubricant gel and a bladder syringe are included? A small amount of gel on the tip of the catheter will enhance the procedure considerably? Resistance is felt where one would expect and once passed this point flow is easy to achieve. Rubber catheters are preferable to the use of sylastic materials.All trainers come equipped with a coated Foley catheter in an appropriate size (16 CH for the male, 14 CH for the female), lubricant to aid access and a kidney dish.