Arrhythmia, Heart & breath Sounds Simulator

£ 1,421.50 each

In addition to the simulation of heart and breath sounds, this tutor allows also the determination of arrhythmias. A perfect tool for Nursing schools, EMS Education programs, medical schools or other healthcare settings where rhythm and sound recognition is critical. 10 different menus for arrhythmia and 11 for heart & breath sounds can be plugged into the tutor (see below for complete listing), each containing 16 different sounds*. Arrhythmias may be viewed on any ECG-monitor by connecting the three snap-on lead patient wires. (If no ECG-monitor is available, please see W49429.) The unit includes two built-in sounders and two external sounders by which students can auscultate the sounds with a stethoscope. Linking additional sounders (see W49430), up to 50 students can auscultate at the same time. Also a speaker may be connected. Additionally, the unit has a volume control and two LED?s that illuminate during systole (heart menu) and expiration (breath menu) as well as an illuminated display showing the example currently playing. The unit comes with a 12 Volt adapter.* All data used in the menus are actual patient sounds. Arrhythmias and sounds of the same name are from different patients in different menus to show appearance variations.